Professor Maynard Learns Good Table Manners paperback book

Mrs. McVeigh's Manners

$ 9.99

Professor Maynard (pronounced mannered) has established himself as Mrs. McVeigh's "Temporary" Assistant. He is there to help her teach her manner's classes, until his science lab at the university is fixed. In class, Mrs. McVeigh has lost her voice, and Professor Maynard teaches the children how to have good table manners.  Based on the Mrs. McVeigh's Manners videos, your children can read the humorous account of the wacky Professor Maynard meeting Mrs. McVeigh, and assisting her at her manner's class. Your child will learn basic table manners, and how to use and place his/her utensils, throughout vt a meal. Your child will enjoy this delightful tale in a colorful paper back book. It is a story they will want to hear or read again and again. Get to know Professor Maynard and Mrs. McVeigh by seeing their manner's demonstrations on the Mrs. McVeigh's Manners website under "Webisodes" or by copying and pasting this link into your browser:

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