Mrs. McVeigh's Manners Start as Well as you Finish Curriculum

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$ 30.00

Children need to learn manners in a fun and exciting way. The Mrs. McVeigh's Manners curriculum is your opportunity to teach children while being effective and interactive. Mrs. McVeigh shares her curriculum with your word for word. The colorful characters in the workbooks, parent sheets, and the Mrs. McVeigh's Magnificent Manners Show 30 minute video (video will be emailed to you after you purchase the curriculum), will motivate and inspire children to learn and use good manners!  Each unit includes a lesson, interactive role-play example, and most have an activity. We will also email you six lesson "Parent Sheets" that have a list of questions that they can ask their child about that day's lesson.

Start as Well as you Finish lessons include: Inviting People. Good Guest, Birthday Parties Arriving, Birthday Parties Departing, Gifts, and Thank you Notes.

Optional items for sale to accompany Start as Well as You Finish curriculum include workbooks for Pre-Readers (Level I), and for Readers (Level II), which each have two activities per unit. 

See a sample of a lesson below, and then download this curriculum that has been proven effective for over 12 years! Kids will be excited when learning with Mrs. McVeigh!  

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